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Online assessment tools for educational, diagnostic and research purposes.

Using weighted psychometric tools that help in the analysis and understanding of human behavior both on personal and professional level:



Personality Test

The first online, weighted according to Greek population, personality test.*

Professional Interest

Online psychometric tool that shows individual’s professional interests, through questions about different professional activities.

Word and Numerical Reasoning *

It evaluates the ability to understand not only texts and logical arguments but tables, statistics and numerical data.


This test shows values and hierarchical motivations at work. It also highlights what motivates the individual in the workplace and what will be an important factor for job selection or rejection.

360o Questionnaire

An objective evaluation method where the individual evaluates himself and then globally assessed by subordinates, superiors, other company officials and evaluators, outside of company or organization (customers, suppliers, trainers).


Research & Evaluation:

  • Knowledge of Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc)
  • Discipline (Programming Languages)
  • Foreign languages
  • Employee’s and Customer’s Satisfaction Questionnaires
  • Custom Made Questionnaires


* Psychometric Tools, weighted according to Greek population, by the Career’s Directors of Orientum.

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