Human resources management system HRmeta

Online Human Resources Management System 

HRmeta, a completed Human Resources Management System, created to meet HRM’s requirements, focusing on user-friendly interface. 

Basic system functions:


Candidate Tab with Personal Data 

    • Succession Plans
    • CV and Work Experience 
    • Employee Contracts 
    • Employee Admission Plan 
    • Contact Information
    • File Manager (Photographs / Fee material to employees / Health History / Bank Details / Important Dates / Registration and Subscriptions / Special Abilities / Specifications / Exit Interviews)


Organization Chart – Structure

    • Organizational chart / Job Descriptions / Descriptions, Levels, Benefits, training per job position / Skill and Abilities Models
    • Trainings
    • Training management
    • Assessments
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Payments- Benefits
    • Compensation and Benefits Management – Position Groups and Levels / Cost Centers – Budget Management
    • Work Leave
    • Work Leave Management and Maternity Data 
    • Shift
    • Personnel shift distribution based on respective needs


My view

Self Service Employee’s Access, Certificates, Loan Applications - Advances, News, Complaints, Management and Planning Permits, Disciplinary History, Complaints and Requests



The above functions are interconnected, creating useful reports for HR management:

    • Training Needs Report
    • Skills & Correlation of Them with Training and Jobs
    • Success Plans & Career Paths
    • Job Suitability Analysis
    • Dynamic Organizational Chart
    • Dynamic Performance Evaluation, Goal Setting and Monitoring
    • Sophisticated Reports with Optional Data Combination
    • Extended Analysis with External Data Import
    • KPI Analysis


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